August 4-7, 2013

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Sunday Salon B Salon C Salon D
9:00a – 12:30p Brent Arnold Hands-Intro to Native iOS Development. Arduino and Web Stack Communication Hands-On Add-On class Joel Hooks: Half-day Angular JS Workshop
1:30p – 5:00p Brent Arnold Hands-Intro to Native iOS Development Stackmob: Building Apps With Backbone.js and Require.js
9:00a – 5:00p Special All Day Event: Struck by Meteor.js – Build real time apps for the modern web. Presented by Lone Tree Room
9:30a – 10:20a KEYNOTE
10:40a – 11:30a 100- Ben Bishop: Intro to Cross Platform development with C# and Mono 200- Gert Poppe: Creating automated tests for your Apache Flex applications 100- Jun Heider: HTML/JS/CSS meets the Randori Framework
11:30a – 1:00p

LUNCH – Diversity in Technology Panel
1:00p – 1:50p 200- Joseph Labrecque: Building GPU-Accelerated Mobile Application Interfaces with Starling and Feathers Mollie Rusher: Pay it Forward: Help the next generation discover computing 300- Jun Heider: Tweaking Randori Framework while architecting larger HTML/JS/CSS apps
2:10p – 3:00p 100- Tom Anderson: Things to consider when building for mobile 100- Paul Robertson: Interactive Prototyping for Web and Mobile 100-Julia Ouellette: Surviving the Flex to Web Shift
3:20p – 4:10p 100- Alex Harui: What’s Up With Flex 200- Joel Hooks: JavaScript Unit Testing 100- Jason Hanson:How to Become a Native iOS Developer – Reinvent Yourself
4:30p – 5:20p General Session: Michael Labriola: Different Strokes for Different Folks
5:40p – 9:00p Evening Reception Sponsored by ON3
9:30a – 10:20a General Session – Drew Bourne: Absurdist Architecture
10:40a – 11:30a 200- Jun Heider: Using Apache Flex 100- Jonathan Knapp: Team Collaboration 200 – Adrian Pomilio: Why do you do that with your JavaScript?
11:30p – 1:00p LUNCH
1:00p – 1:50p 200- Ted Patrick: TypeScript Deep Dive 200-Julian Dolce: Developing BlackBerry 10 Applications with AIR 100- Jeffry Houser: How to Fail Fantastically
2:10p – 3:00p 200- Renaun Erickson: Profiling with Adobe Scout 100- Drew Shefman: Estimating: Upping your SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) 300- David Hassoun: Multi-Screen/Device Solutions With Web Stack Technologies
3:20p – 4:10p 300- Paul Taylor: Practical Functional Reactive Programming with Reactive Extensions 100- Rob Rusher: Creating Interactive Prototypes in Minutes 200- Sim Bateman: Javascript: Beyond the language
4:30p – 6:00p General Session: Jonathan Campos – Building for Google Glass
6:00p – 9:00p Evening Reception
9:30a – 10:20a
10:40a – 11:30a 200- Amy Blankenship: Making the Case for Change 200- Alex Harui: Deep-Dive into Flex on HTML/CSS/JS 200-Benoit Marchant – Modular HTML5 Applications with Montage, a modern open source Framework.
11:30p – 1:00p LUNCH – Tom Anderson – Introduction to BlackBerry 10
1:00p – 1:50p 200- Jeff Tapper: Streaming Video to browsers with JavaScript, yup, we can do that. 200- Jonathan Campos: Google Glass Deep Dive 100- Nate Beck: The Amazing Loom!
2:10p – 3:00p General Session: Garth Braithwaite: Resolution Independence!
3:20p – 4:10p General Session: Michelle Yaiser: Beer, ByteCode, and Virtual Machines – The JavaScript edition
4:30p – 5:20p General Session: Speaker Panel
Hands-On Development General Session
Mobile Design Business
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