Tom Anderson started his career in 1986 as a Program Manager with Microsoft Corporation, on such products as Windows 3.11, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, and Internet Explorer. He was also the creator of the Windows Resource Kit, which began that product line. In addition, Tom presented at many trade shows and gave technical presentations with the executive staff. In 1995 he formed Three Points Consulting with two partners, which focused on bringing the power of the emerging internet technology to everyday life. Tom’s innovative technology solutions played a key role in the successful acquisition of Three Points. In 2004, Tom decided to become a high school teacher as his primary method of giving back to the community. In 2005 he joined the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA CYBER), where he was awarded the Keystone Award for Innovative Use of Technology in the Class Room. During this time, he also earned a Master’s degree in Software Design through Capella University. In 2009, in addition to teaching, Tom returned to software development, creating various web and mobile applications. Tom joined RIM in 2012 as as Senior Developer Evangelist. anderson
arnold Some call him a Genius. Others call him P.H.A.T. Whatever you call him, don’t call him late for dinner. Brent Arnold is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Pearson, PLC. Pearson is the largest educational technology publisher in the world. Look it up. It’s huge. Brent’s been programming since he was a kid, starting out on the Vic 20. Now he’s producing mobile apps in Obj-C, Flash/Flex/AIR, and PhoneGap. When he’s not creating awesome mobile apps for Pearson, he’s peddling his video tutorials and making a name for himself online.
As the founder and CEO of Simb & Company, Simeon Bateman has been dedicated to providing small to medium sized businesses and agencies with amazing solutions for their web/app design and development needs for more than a decade. Simeon is committed to sharing the information he has learned to encourage effective development techniques and strengthening the developer community as a whole. He and his team at Simb & Company specialize in building web applications for desktop and mobile, native mobile (app-store availability of iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows), and social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). Simeon also provide consulting focused on effective use of technology in your business as well as training and mentoring for building next generation applications for web and mobile with HTML5, the Flash platform and developer tooling. Bateman
Bishop Ben Bishop has been a professional interactive developer for the past 10 years. He has had the luxury and good fortune of working with some of the greatest minds of the RIA development community. Recently, Ben has used the freedom of being a freelancer to take on jobs that help broaden his view and experiences with different technologies. While he is passionate about improving his proficiency with HTML5 and mobile, he’s even more passionate about trying to get to the day that both developers and clients are happy with the grand majority work that is being done in the app development world. Ben has built Facebook games, eLearning applications, dashboards, desktop publishing applications, and eCommerce sites. He has done work for Wachovia, IndyCar, Humana, Conviva, Elsevier Health Sciences, Blue Shell Games, Guardian, Brown Shoe, PrintNow, and Adobe.
Ben just recently launched his own personal line of apps in the Apple app store for interval fitness training using C# and Mono. Ben looks forward to expanding this line of apps into the Google Play Store by the end of quarter one.
Amy has followed the “path of the Unicorn.” She started out as a graphic designer, but quickly discovered a love for code. She’s done front end, back end, instructional design, technical writing–pretty much any production role needed to get great software out the door, she’s done it. She’s worked for multinational companies with offices across the world, to startups, to the tiny five-person team, Shaker Technology Group, she’s on now as a Senior Flash Developer. Shaker may be small, but its clients are not, so Amy has had the good fortune to work for some of the largest and most exciting brands in this capacity. Blankenship
Bourne Drew Bourne is a software consultant, recently relocating from Australia to New York. He has worked with startups and enterprises across Media, Advertising, Social and Finance. Drew enjoys championing testing, quality and consistency. He really enjoys loud music.
Garth Braithwaite is a Senior Experience Designer at Adobe Systems working on improving developer tools. Riddled with fanboy tendencies. braithwaite
campos Jonathan Campos builds applications for enterprise clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth region. Focusing on mobile applications built on a variety technologies.
Julian Dolce is the platform lead for Adobe AIR at QNX Software Systems, where his roles include developing the BlackBerry 10 AIR SDK. Prior to joining QNX, Julian was the director of creative technology and the lead Flash developer at the marketing firm Fuel Industries, where he helped create branded online entertainment and immersive web experiences for Fortune 100 brands.
A popular speaker, Julian is regularly invited to present at developer events, including FITC, Flash on the Beach, Adobe MAX and BlackBerry Jam.
He has also published two books on mobile AIR development, Android Development with Flash, and iOS Development with Flash.
Erickson Erickson Erickson is a Technical Evangelist at Adobe Systems. Renaun has worked on projects using technologies including ActionScript, HTML, Flex, AIR, video, audio, logging, SIP/VoIP, casual games, and mobile. Renaun can be found at his blog http://renaun.com/blog and at twitter @renaun. When he’s not programming, Renaun enjoys playing games, the outdoors, archeology, driving a Jeep, and spending time with his family.
Jason Hanson brings over twelve years of design and development experience to the work he does as an independent contractor. He is a front-end developer with a good grasp of both visual design and programming concepts. Jason spent a decade mastering the Flash platform but now spends his days writing Objective-C. He has experience building a wide range of products including video games, eLearning, enterprise, charting components, dashboards, desktop publishing, video, and mobile apps. Jason has contributed to projects for clients including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Adobe, FedEx, AT&T, Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Pearson, DYMO, SuperSecret, Monsanto, Tracker, and PrintNow.Most recently Jason has been focusing on building native iOS applications with Objective-C. Hanson
blank-m Alex Harui is an employee at Adobe Systems, Inc., and one of the original developers of the Flex SDK.  Over 10 years later, he is still working on the Flex SDK as part of the Apache Flex project at the Apache Software Foundation.
David Hassoun is the founder of RealEyes. RealEyes is a digital media firm based in Colorado that focuses on advanced Flash Platform rich Internet applications for the web, desktop and mobile devices. He has always had a passion for interactive motion media, the power of video, and the challenges of usability and interactivity. He is an Adobe Certified Master Instructor, Adobe Community Professional, teaches advanced RIA classes at the University of Denver, serves as the Rocky Mountain Adobe User Group Manager and the Adobe Media Server User Group Manager, and has taught and developed many advanced Flash and Flex application courses. He is a recognized industry leader when it comes to Flash and video and has spoken at many national and international events, and has been published many times on Adobe’s Devnet website on a large range of video related topics and new technologies as they are being released. Hassoun
heider Jun Heider is an Adobe Flex/AIR ACE and has been an Adobe Certified Instructor since 2005. Jun works as Sr. Architect and Development Manager with RealEyes Media, an Adobe partner company based in Denver, Colorado. Jun also teaches Adobe AIR mobile development at the University of Denver, University College. Jun is very active in the community and is a member of the Adobe Flex PMC and an officer of the Open Spoon Project. Jun loves to write and speak at conferences: 360|Flex, Adobe MAX, CFUnited, Adobe Devnet, O’Reilly Inside RIA, and co-author of Professional Adobe Flex 3 by Wrox. In his spare time, Jun love to hit the slopes, backcountry camp, or get down with some musical relaxation.
Joel Hooks likes to make. He’s employed as a web application developer with a focus on large-scale UI projects hat help people get work done. Passionate about the business of software, Joel spends his free time studying, writing, and leveling up across a wide array of related disciplines.

When he’s not nerding out at the computer, Joel spends the rest of his time homeschooling his 4 children deep in the heart of Texas with his wife Kristina, a Fort Worth family photographer.

Houser Jeffry Houser is a technical entrepreneur that likes to share cool stuff with other people.
Jeffry is the Brains behind Flextras, a set of user interface Flex Components that save you time and help you create better Flex applications. He has a Computer Science degree from the days before business met the Internet and has solved a problem or two in his programming career. In 1999, Jeffry started DotComIt, a company specializing in Rich Internet Applications with Flex and ColdFusion.Jeffry is an Adobe Community Professional and produces The Flex Show, a podcast with expert interviews and screencast tutorials. He hosts the Flextras Friday Lunch Podcast, a weekly live Q&A session where you can get your programming questions answered and also runs AskTheFlexpert.com where you can get your questions answered privately. Jeffry is one of the initial contributors to Apache Flex and has spoken at user groups and conferences all over the US. He is manager of the Online Flex Meetup Group, author of three technical books, over 30 articles, and hundreds of podcasts.In his spare time Jeffry is a musician, old school adventure game aficionado, recording engineer, and he owns a Wii. Find more about Flextras at http://www.flextras.com, ask Jeffry Questions at www.asktheflexpert.com, or check out his podcast at http://www.theflexshow.com, or you can read his personal blog at http://www.jeffryhouser.com
Kevin Hoyt is a Principal Evangelist at Adobe focused on the intersection between the creative process and emerging technology.  Arduino, 3D printing, natural interfaces such as Kinect, and the various ubiquitous sensors already in our day-to-day lives are Kevin’s playground.  Prior to joining Adobe, Kevin held various information technology roles ranging from interactive design to enterprise infrastructure. Kevin lives in Denver, CO and enjoys photography and general aviation in his free time. blank-m
knapp Jonathan Knapp is a digital consultant out of Akron, OH. He’s been working for himself for the past seven years at his company Caffeinated Solutions (coffeeandcode.com) and has worked on PHP, Flash/Flex, Rails, Django, and JavaScript projects.He is also a community web advocate running a few meetup groups in Ohio, supporting local conferences and GIve Camps, and helping other developers to get their start. If you’d like to chat tech, feel free to hit him up at the conference or on Twitter: @coffeeandcode.
Joseph Labrecque is primarily employed by the University of Denver as a senior interactive software engineer specializing in the Adobe Flash Platform. He is author of a varity of books and related materials though Packt Publishing, Video2Brain, Adobe Press, Peachpit Press, and a number of online publications. His most recent published work is the book “Learning Adobe Edge Animate” (October 2012, Packt).Joseph is also the proprietor of Fractured Vision Media, LLC; a digital media production company, technical consultancy, and distribution vehicle for his creative works. He is founder and sole abiding member of the dark ambient recording project “An Early Morning Letter, Displaced” whose releases have received international award nominations and underground acclaim.Joseph serves as an Adobe Education Leader and Adobe Community Professional. Labrecque
blank-m Michael Labriola is Senior Consultant at Digital Primates, architect of several open source projects, and a PMC member and committer for Apache Flex. He has been developing Internet applications since 1995 and has consulted for many of the world’s top brands.Michael is the co-author of five books on Internet technologies, an international speaker and team mentor and has delivered solutions for enterprises worldwide using a variety of platforms and technologies.His free time is spent escaping from technology through wine and food.
Benoit Marchant (@benoitmarchant) has been bringing innovative, native-class, user experience to web applications for more than 13 years. Most recently, he is the creator ofMontage, a modern HTML5 framework, which he started with his team as Director of Engineering at Motorola Mobility. Montage was designed from the ground up to create native-class HTML5 applications for mobile and is open-source under a BSD license.Before working on Montage, Benoit spent more than 10 years at Apple. As the lead developer of HomePage, a web page builder part of iTools- now iCloud- he re-imagined online photo albums by allowing users to re-order pictures by drag and drop. This feature was presented by Steve Jobs during his Macworld New York keynote in 2000. After helping to launch the iTunes Store in 2003, he worked on the iTunes Store’s content management application. During that time he envisioned and created Gianduia, his first JavaScript Framework built to simplify the development of rich internet applications, and used to build Apple Retail Applications. He then led the team responsible for providing cutting-edge interactive JavaScript features for apple.com worldwide. Marchant
blank-m Justin Mclean has more than 15 years experience in developing web based applications and over that time has worked on hundreds of database driven web sites, mobile applications and desktop applications. He has seen significant changes of technology in the industry, surviving the browser wars and the dot-com bubble. Justin has a keen interest in the open source hardware movement, the Arduino platform in particular and it’s huge potential.
Justin runs his own consulting company Class Software, runs regular training courses and has spoken at numerous conferences in Australia and overseas.In his free time he’s very active in the Apache Flex project project including being the release manager for Apache Flex 4.9. He’s also writing a book on Android mobile development.
Giorgio Natili is an author, educator, community leader, W3C member, and founder of GNStudio, a boutique Rome-based development and design studio specializing in engaging and accessible web and mobile experiences. A strong proponent of agile development practices, Giorgio’s areas of expertise include standards-based application development, client-side scripting, gaming, and video streaming. His previous speaking engagements include Adobe Max, 360|Flex, FITC, XP 2010 and 2012 and several community driven conferences. Natili
julia Julia Ouellette is a front-end developer whose focus is the creation and deployment of interactive educational materials, corporate dashboards/utilities and integrated (online/offline) learning systems.Julia is passionate about sharing tech knowledge and loves being involved in the local web community, regularly contributing to other’s user groups as a speaker, and organizing a designer/developer user group for over five years. With a small business background, a BCOM in Entrepreneurial Management, and an extensive background in both design and development, Julia’s aim is to bring content to life on the screen.
I am an entrepreneur working on something great.Prior:
I built the devrel team & advocated for ExtJS/Touch at Sencha
I built an app store for NOOK at Barnes and Noble
I built 63 apps on NOOK Apps for fun
I grew the Flash & Flex Platform at Adobe
I founded 4 companies as an entrepreneur and raised vc$I love software
I love solving hard problems
I love building things
I love scuba diving
I love my family more than anything else!Specialties: HTML5, JavaScript, Flash, Flex, AIR, ActionScript 3, Python, C#, Java, Lua, PHP, Erlang, Scuba, Family
pomilio Adrian Pomilio has been developing web-based applications since 1997, Adrian has also reached a high level of expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flex, ActionScript, Air, various server side languages, data modeling, GIS, mobile application development and other technologies. Most of Adrian’s work centers around transportation and logistics, specifically the North American Railroad industry. Current Employer: Railinc, Cary NC.
Gert Poppe works as a development consultant at a Belgian firm called Stack and Heap. He holds a bachelors degree Multimedia & Communication Technology and is a passionate Flex & AIR developer. Before joining Stack & Heap he worked as a Project Engineer in a firm that delivers Multimedia content and solutions for events. poppe
blank-m I work on Adobe’s Developer Relations team, specifically on ActionScript documentation and learning content. My job is part writer, part developer, part UX/Interaction designer, and all ActionScript community.
Mollie Rusher co-founded On3, a custom software development agency headquartered in Denver, and has served as the president and CEO since 2001. Balancing her business background with her inner geek, her role has been both managerial and strategic. She is passionate about the software development industry and developer community, and enjoys playing the role of client proxy to see great ideas through to implementation. Of special interest to Mollie is the topic of women in technology, specifically, the lack thereof. She attends conferences, speaks, and is a member of many groups that focus on this topic, all with the goal of improving the situation from many aspects.  If you would like some ideas on how you can help, just let her know, she’d love to tell you. rusher-m
Speaker-Pic In his role as Principal Consultant for On3, Rob Rusher leads a software development practice to help his clients build rich Internet applications for the desktop, browser, and mobile devices, and to rapidly increase their knowledge and skills to better support their organization’s goals. He has taught and mentored the technical teams at companies around the world. Rob has also co-authored four best-selling books and several training manuals on building secure, cutting-edge and rapidly developed applications using Adobe AIR, Appcelerator Titanium, Adobe ColdFusion and Apache Flex. He is very active is organizing and speaking at RIA and mobile conferences and user groups. In addition to growing his software consulting practice, On3, Rob has been building expertise in rich client application development on a wider variety of devices and platforms that extend the applications to change the way we all create and live.
Drew Shefman has been an independent multimedia developer for 15 years. He is a Flex/Flash Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI), an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), a Multimedia professor at University of Houston, and is the Houston Adobe User Group Manager. His clients have spanded nearly all market segments and industries, from the airlines, oil & gas, food retail, telecommunications to everything in between.  Drew has just finished serving as senior technical Flex architect / mentor to a team of 24 diverse Flex developers, working on an massive order management system. Outside of programming, you can find him ballroom dancing, waterskiing and playing with his kids. shefman
stewart Ryan Stewart is the product manager for Edge Code at Adobe. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and has been working with rich client technologies at Adobe for the past 5 years. He is a long time blogger and had a prominent blog on ZDNet where he covered all sides of rich Internet applications. He has spoken at a number of industry conferences including Web 2.0 Expo, Adobe MAX, 360|Flex, SXSW, PHP Tek, and Web Design World. When not working with the latest Adobe technology you can find him in Seattle where he enjoys making (and drinking) beer, mountaineering, and spending as much time as possible in the outdoors. You can email him at ryan@adobe.com or find his blog at http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com
Jeff Tapper talks alot, about development, video, business, flash, HTML, Baseball and lots of other things.  Jeff was a frequent speaker at the 360Flex conferences, as well as Adobe MAX, cfObjective, and many others. tapper
Taylor Paul Taylor is an interdisciplinary programmer slowly winning the war against enterprise software and code complexity, mostly by avoiding it. When he’s not speaking so quickly people think he’s angry at them, he writes software for startups at Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco’s Mission district.
Michelle Yaiser yaiser
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